2011 Summer Ministry Experience

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A Fine 4th Full of Fun

Summer Ministry Experience 2011

Yesterday, being July 4, our team took the opportunity to enjoy some of the more touristic parts of Arizona. The morning began with an early (really early: 5:00 a.m.) hike up to a beautiful view – so I am told. I was not personally awake at that ridiculous hour.  Spending time in a climate so completely different from the Midwest had given us all a better idea of how truly extensive God’s creation is. In place of rivers, lakes and deciduous trees are mountains, mesas and cacti. By the way, don’t touch the cacti. It sounds pretty much like common sense, but they really do jump out at you and grab your hand! While we appreciate the beauty and diversity of the region, it would take a while to get used to the heat. If any of you back home are wondering how hot it feels here, turn your oven up to about 350˚ F, open the door and stand in front of it all day. Thankfully, every building here has a serious air conditioning system.

On the road again . . .

Summer Ministry Experience 2011

We have about 297 miles until we hit Saint Louis, Missouri. After a weekend spent with family and friends, we are back on the road. At present we have stayed mostly in the north and not far from the Belle Plaine area. We have had the pleasure the last few weeks of working with some established Jesus Cares Ministries programs. Now the task of helping start new programs begins. Our first location in Phoenix will be a lesson for all of us. We will experience things, that we will be able to take with us to the next location. We all have the belief we will be doing amazing work.

Ready to move on…

Summer Ministry Experience 2011

Last week spent our time observing and participating in current Jesus Cares Ministries programs.  It’s been rather stormy and dark outside, but our experiences have been just the opposite.  The success stories that we heard and the programs that we visited were an inspiration to all of us as we start to bring Jesus Cares Ministries to new churches.  Today we begin our travels outside of the Midwest.

Expanding the experience in SME…


It’s been a fun three weeks so far.  Wednesday was a picnic in Glencoe, Minnesota.  Some of the residents from The Lutheran Home: Hope Residence in Belle Plaine were there, and it was fun to get to see them again!  It’s amazing how close we are growing to the people we serve, even if we only spend a few days with them.  Even more amazing is how they remember us.  We haven’t seen these residents for a couple weeks, but we still were able to talk about “that one time we played Yahtzee” or “when I won Wii bowling”. 

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