Jesus Cares Ministries Resources

Training series

Check out our informational training series for JCM program leaders and staff volunteers.

Jesus Cares Ministries Awareness Posters

At the end of each summer, we share new Jesus Cares Ministries (JCM) posters with schools. We ask for their help in our outreach efforts to the communities with special needs. With their support, we are able to reach those special individuals through our JCM Bible classes and worship services. Previous mission offerings allow us to follow up with training, teaching materials, and leadership in expanding this ever-growing ministry. Download the JCM Poster (PDF) or can contact Shari Klatt to have a hard copy mailed to you.

Dear Christian Friend Christmas story

Dear Christian Friend Christmas StoryWe know the Christmas Story lesson is repeated each year. We are providing a free download of a digital file containing the Christmas story. You will need to print the story yourself, or take it to a copy shop that will print it for you at a nominal cost.

If you haven’t tried the DCF series, please feel free to consider this download as a sample lesson and try it with your class. It features using JCM Word Pictures over the story’s key words, which is great for people with autism and with beginning readers.

Christmas story (Printable PDF)

Christmas programs

Christmas is a wonderful chance to share God’s Word by putting on a Christmas program. We offer Christmas services are written and used by JCM Bible class leaders.

Hosting a Christmas program? Download the 2014 Invitation Template. This template is customizable and easy to use. If you are hosting an event, please let your JCM Coordinator know or email us at