We assist congregations in developing outreach ministries to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, their families and communities. Congregational Bible classes, worship services and college student run events are 3 ways to share God’s Word and provide Christian fellowship opportunities.

Bible classes

Our Jesus Cares Ministries (JCM) team members work with congregations to help them start JCM Bible classes. Volunteers receive teaching training and assistance in finding people in their community to serve. JCM produces Bible history curriculum and other Bible studies for churches, volunteers and families to use for teaching.

Each situation is unique. Each congregation will want to design its program to meet the needs of the people they serve.

We are happy to help you learn more about starting a Bible class at your church. Contact us today!

Worship services

Each person should have the opportunity to worship God in a way that he or she understands. The “Worship at the Cross” service is designed to make each part of a worship service have special meaning, especially for people with cognitive impairments.

Throughout the service, your senses are engaged in worship:

  • You see 6 signs throughout the service. These signs are symbols that help illustrate each part of service.
  • You hear a bell ring to signify the beginning of the service. You are invited to participate in the service by singing and making music.
  • You are can share prayer requests.
  • You have opportunities to sing hymns and play rhythm instruments.

We invite you to come see what “Worship at the Cross” is like. Find a service in your area.

JCM provides materials and suggestions for congregations interested in starting these services. Contact one of our JCM team members to learn more about beginning “Worship at the Cross.”

Watch Worship at the Cross services on-demand.

“New Friends” Youth Initiative

The “New Friends” Youth Initiative, begun in 2005, offers high school and college students the chance to offer worship, education and fellowship opportunities on a regular basis to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. There are currently programs at several schools in the Midwest.

Its purpose is to build relationships by focusing on our abilities, not our disabilities, while creating a fun-filled atmosphere where the entire family feels safe, relaxed and happy!

We are happy to help you learn more about starting a New Friends program at your school. Contact us today!