How do we celebrate 121 years?

Rev. Joel Gaertner November 6, 2019

“May the LORD our God be with us as he was with our ancestors; may he never leave us or forsake us” (1 Kings 8:57).

None of us were around 121 years ago when Sophie Boessling made a request to her pastor and gave the gift that began The Lutheran Home Association.

Now, every one of us benefits from her gift. 

We benefit by being served by TLHA, by being privileged to serve in the TLHA ministry and by seeing our gifts of time, financial resources, and abilities being used to serve “the least of these.”

So what is our response going to be as we review 121 years of being a part of Sophie’s dream?  The single Bible verse above gives us a way to observe and celebrate these years by giving thanks to God and asking for his continued blessing and guidance.

In the Bible, 1 Kings Chapter 8 describes things being put in place for the use of the new temple of the true God that King Solomon built in Jerusalem. The rest of the chapter is Solomon’s prayer of dedication of the temple.  Nowhere in this prayer does Solomon seek praise or credit for building the temple. He gives all the glory and credit to God and then seeks God’s blessing for the future.

As we observe another year in this long history, we will do well to follow Solomon’s example. God chose people he needed over the past 121 years to carry out this ministry, which was not without challenges.

But just as he always does, God always accomplishes what he knows is best in the way he knows is best.  Like Solomon, we need to acknowledge that God has been “with us as he was with our ancestors.”

Please join me in making a part of your prayers, not only today but every day, about how God will “never leave us nor forsake us” as we seek to move forward under His guidance and blessing as we have for the past 121 years.