What is wealth worth?

Rev. Patrick Feldhus October 14, 2019

I will accept nothing belonging to you, not even a thread or the strap of a sandal (Genesis 14:23a).

Why would anyone turn down wealth? Isn’t it the American dream? Abraham had his opportunity to become wealthy beyond anything he had accomplished throughout his life. The king of Sodom was willing to give Abraham all the wealth he had won in his battles against the kings of Shinar, Ellasar, Elam and Goyim.

Abraham responded with, “I will accept nothing belonging to you, not even a thread or the strap of a sandal.” Abraham did not consider earthly wealth from the king of Sodom something worthwhile.

We know our sinful hearts would jump at a chance for this kind of earthly wealth. We are constantly looking to gain wealth in all of its various forms. But what is the end result of all this earthly wealth? We never have enough. It will never satisfy our greatest need.

Abraham understood this, which is why he refused. He already had a greater wealth! This wealth was not man made or originated in this world. He had the wealth of God’s promise to bless him with an offspring who would save the world from sin!

This promise made to Abraham made him wealthy beyond anything he could have accumulated in his world. Abraham boasted that the Lord made him wealthy. And we, too, have the same boast. We have been blessed by that promise fulfilled in Christ. We have the wealth of forgiveness and eternal life that originated with our God who pours out this wealth onto us every day! How much is this wealth worth? It cost Jesus his holy precious life on the cross.

The wealth that God gives to us far outweighs all the earthly wealth we can gather in this world. This is the reason why we can find contentment in our lives. Whether we are blessed with earthly possessions or not, we still have the wealth of forgiveness and eternal life. The best part about this wealth is that it cannot fade away, get lost or stolen and always belongs to us.

Prayer: Dear gracious and loving Father! Help us look at earthly wealth as a blessing from you. Let us marvel at the greater wealth you have richly give us, the forgiveness of sins and eternal life, from your storehouse of love. Give us thankful hearts for all that Jesus has done for us, that through his poverty we have become rich. In his name, we pray! Amen.