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Hope Residence

611 West Main Street
Belle Plaine, MN 56011
(952) 873-2143

Hope Residence

Hope Residence provides an extensive array of services to support and enhance the lives of residents dealing with disabilities such as down syndrome, cerebral palsy, autism, ataxia and epilepsy. Our person-centered care is tailored to meet the unique needs of each individual, focusing on their own personal growth and enrichment. Our experienced and compassionate staff is trained in the latest advances in care and can adapt services as needed.

From social activities to recreational programs, we provide the kind of supportive environment that allows individuals to increase their self-sufficiency, be active members of the community and develop meaningful friendships.

Care of the soul is a key part of Hope Residence. Spiritual care is offered through chaplaincy, worship services and Bible studies, and an ordained chaplain is part of the staff.

Application for Admission at Hope (Click to download)


  • A resident program manager
  • A kitchenette and dining area
  • A common area with comfy seating and TVs
  • 3 private rooms and 5 shared rooms
  • Outdoor patios
  • A full bathroom, including a whirlpool


  • Person-centered planning
  • Four living areas, each with a kitchenette and living room
  • Sensory room to stimulate different senses
    • A solar projector with rotating discs
    • A large water wall
    • A fiber optic waterfall
    • A weighted blanket
    • A sand tray
    • Manipulative figures with many different textures
  • Scenic patios, landscaping and picnic grounds
  • Access to outside vocational opportunities
  • Recreational programs and social activities
  • Beautiful 22-acre continuum of care campus
  • Nautilus-equipped Wellness and Rehabilitation Center
  • Occupational, physical and speech therapists
  • Specialized nursing care and dental services
  • Mayo-affiliated medical clinic on campus
  • Access to activities and fitness center

Upcoming Events and Activities

We recognize the importance to gathering and participating in events and activities. With a dedicated program coordinator, we offer daily events and activities for residents and their families to attend.

View all upcoming community events and activities
“Hope Residence has always been a top notch placement, and I’ve worked with your staff there since I started in Developmental Disability Case Management in 1989. I cannot thank you and all your staff enough for the care you gave Eric. Your ability to handle a situation with efficiency and grace — with limited knowledge of why things were occurring — was wonderful. I truly appreciate it and would highly recommend Hope Residence to families I work with and other Social Workers looking for placements. I would feel comfortable referring a family member there if I ever needed to.”
County Case Manager
“It’s an honor to serve the local community and bring them high-quality, personalized care with exceptional service. Creating an inviting and supportive home is what we do on a daily basis to ensure the resident’s needs are met.”
Administrator at one of TLHA’s facilities
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