Mission Advancement

The Lutheran Home Association is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit ministry. As such, we rely on charitable support to advance the work of caring for the people entrusted to our care.

All of our spiritual care and outreach programs are funded solely through charitable gifts.

The Office of Mission Advancement team works diligently to share the story of our ministry and seek contributions for the unique opportunities before us. Our team are prepared to assist you in determining the right charitable gift to meet your family and financial needs as you provide funding for The Lutheran Home Association’s ministry.

Contact Us

Please contact the Office of Mission Advancement with any questions you may have regarding charitable giving. Contact us at (952) 873-4744 or email info@tlha.org

Our legal name is:
The Lutheran Home Association
National Ministry Offices
337 South Meridian Street
Belle Plaine, MN 56011-1919

The Lutheran Home Association Foundation

The Lutheran Home Association Foundation’s sole purpose is to support and further the ministry of The Lutheran Home Association (TLHA) and its affiliates. TLHA depends on donations to help maintain its mission and ministry. Our outreach programs, like JCM and chaplaincy, are funded completely by donation. The Foundation receives, invests and dispenses assets to advance the services and programs of TLHA.

A needed ministry

In recent years, we have seen repeated cuts in government financial support for the two segments of society that TLHA serves: seniors and persons with developmental disabilities. As we look into the future, we see ongoing financial, legislative, staffing and other challenges facing us.

The Lutheran Home Association Foundation is taking steps now to ensure that the special ministry of TLHA will continue well into the future. We need to continue providing a consistent level of high quality care despite reductions in governmental reimbursement. We also need to be able to continue to provide spiritual care through programs that are completely donor-funded. Gifts to The Foundation will grow and provide years of support for the people TLHA serves.

The use of gifts and income

The Foundation provides funding to TLHA’s ministry in three primary areas:

  1. Expansion and Capital Projects: As the population of seniors and developmentally disabled grows, the need for living accommodations increases. TLHA is modifying existing care centers and adding new communities that utilize advanced technology for the health and safety of our residents.
  2. Operating Programs: Adding new programs and services for growing populations is critical in the areas of chaplaincy, education and outreach.  All of these programs are completely donation-funded.
  3. Subsidy of Care: Government programs can no longer cover the cost of providing acceptable levels of care and service for these adults. Government shortfalls for medical reimbursements, rising health care expenses and the stress of care giving all point towards the importance of contributions and a strong Foundation.