Give a gift that changes the world for people with disabilities or seniors by sharing Jesus with them; gifting appreciated stocks (that you’ve held for more than one year) is one way to do that. 

Example scenario.

You have $10,000 worth of stock shares bought four years ago for a cost of $5,000. If you sell the shares, you would owe approximately $750 in tax on the profit (netting $9,250 for charity and for your charitable tax deduction). If you donate the shares to The Lutheran Home Association (TLHA), we will get the full $10,000 and you would avoid the $750 tax bill while also getting to deduct the full $10,000 as a charitable deduction.

Benefits of transferring stock.

  • The Lutheran Home Association receives the full value of the appreciated gift to do more ministry.
  • You avoid paying taxes on your capital gains.
  • Your gift provides a charitable deduction based on the full value of your appreciated gift.

Get started.Fill out this stock transfer form or contact us at (952) 873-4753.

In order to realize the tax benefits the gift must be made and transactions completed by December 31. We stand ready to assist in any way we can! 

Contact us.

Contact our Mission Advancement office to learn more or to start the process. Call us at (952) 873-4744.

Already in the process and have questions? Contact our finance representative at (952) 873-4753.