Chaplaincy student shares residents joys and disappointments

Marketing August 31, 2016

Alan Hairsine enrolled in the WELS Chaplain Certificate (CCP) course through Martin Luther College to learn how to better communicate the saving message of Christ and be a comforting presence to those who are hurting. As part of his education, Alan is shadowing Pastor Ed Fredrich, chaplain atThe Lutheran Home Belle Plaine Campus.IMG_4676.jpg“Because of its diversity The Lutheran Home is a great place to learn about serving a variety of spiritual needs, and I thank Pastor Fredrich and the staff for allowing me to complete my fieldwork studies here,” Alan said.

Providing Christ-centered care is at the heart of The Lutheran Home Association’s ministry. Ordained pastors serve as chaplains at TLHA’s locations, providing Bible studies, worship services, devotions and personal visits.

Visiting residents is a highlight for Alan: “It is a privilege to share in the joy of the happy life stories, and at times hear about the difficulties and disappointments. The opportunity to share the Gospel is always a blessing.”

A lay person, Alan hopes to use his CCP to serve in a facility where he can provide Christ-centered comfort and counseling. The knowledge and experience he has gained will also benefit his volunteer efforts at his church and in hospice.

“Not everyone has the social and spiritual support needed when experiencing life’s challenges. Chaplaincy helps fill that void,” Alan said. “It is inspiring to see Pastor Fredrich go throughout The Lutheran Home and share the truth of God’s word through his morning devotions and Bible studies.”

Share God’s Word with those who are hurting. TLHA’s chaplaincy program relies on generous donors. Give today.