Halloween Fun at Wellhaven

Wellhaven Senior Living December 26, 2019

During October, Wellhaven tenants took advantage of the opportunities to have a little fall fun.

Earlier in the month, a group from Mann Valley 4H hosted a pumpkin painting craft. Wellhaven tenants and 4H members painted their own pumpkin. Our tenants had a wonderful time while decorating a pumpkin in their own unique way.

On Halloween, tenants, while dressed up in a variety of costumes, passed out candy from their apartments or in the main gathering space. Approximately 150 children and their parent visited Wellhaven for the event. With more than 30 tenants passing out candy, it was a great stop for families. Wellhaven provided cookies and beverages for the visitors. 

Looking to share your time? Wellhaven is always recruiting volunteers to help with our activities! Lending a hand not only fosters community well-being, but is a rewarding experience. There are many ways you can make a difference.  For more information, contact Laura at 715-426-6433.