Volunteers host sing-a-longs at Wellhaven

Wellhaven Senior Living October 3, 2019

Volunteers can make all the difference to a variety of programs and organizations around the world. The tenants of Wellhaven are grateful for the volunteers who share their time, especially when music is involved.

Volunteer Barbara Wall hosted a sing-a-long with Wellhaven tenants. Barbara brought in lyrics for several songs and Wellhaven tenants
sang aloud as Barbara played on the piano.

Leading up to the event, Wellhaven tenants eagerly discussed the upcoming sing-a-long and were excited for it to commence.  When it came time for the singing to begin, tenants and their guests gathered around piano.

The event was so fun and well received that Wellhaven tenant and volunteer Olive Mulhollam decided to host another sing-a-long event. This time, she focused on spiritual music. Together, the group sang a variety of hymns. 

“The tenants enjoyed getting together to sing and listen to classic songs they love,” explained Beth Ann Schultz, Wellhaven manager.

Mark your calendars!
Barbara is planning to continue to host sing-a-long events for Wellhaven tenants and community members. Sing-a-longs will be held at 2 p.m. on the fourth Tuesday of each month at Wellhaven.