A prayer for the times

Marketing June 24, 2020

Please join us in praying…

Dear Father in heaven, we so desperately want to control a world that seems out of control. The further circumstances slip out of our grasp, the more we come to understand what you have told us all along.

In this world we will have trouble, but we will only truly find our peace in you. In you we see limitless power and unending love. In your Son, Jesus, we see your power and love come together in His selfless sacrifice for us. You repaired our brokenness to solidify an eternal relationship with you.

Today, in confidence, we come to you now for peace and comfort in a still broken world. The fear in front of us has a name: COVID-19. Give our leaders wisdom to care for us in the best way possible. Bring healing to those who have become ill. Bring comfort to families throughout the world who experience the sadness of loss. Instill peace in all of us who are worried about what the future brings.

Let us all find true rest in our lives and hope in our future in the strength of your loving arms. With renewed confidence in your grace and mercy we come to you. Amen.