Do you find the light or does the light find you?

Marketing January 6, 2020

A Bright New Year

by Mark Hayes, TLHA President of Ministry

“Arise, shine, for your light has come, and the glory of the Lord rises upon you.” (Isaiah 60:1)

The new year is here.  This is our annual endeavor to make some changes and, for lack of any specific project plan for our lives, to do better than we did last year.  But it is common to attempt the mindset programmed by the advice of the experts in motivation and life coaching who put that burden on you.  You are expected to strive to develop the best version of you, to advance beyond what others around you are doing–in short, to make your own glory.

When it comes to being a better human, a remarkable child of God, I am intimidated and overwhelmed.  I see incredible room for improvement and a dramatic failure in keeping up with the standards that God has put in place for me to be a light to others.

Isaiah 60:1 introduces the light of God’s love and His plan to save us in the only way that makes sense. Isaiah says the light has come. The glory of the Lord rises upon us. Do you see the dramatic difference from our misconception of finding or making our own light and struggling to create our own glory?  We don’t.  We can’t.  We don’t pursue God, He pursues us.  He turns the light on.  He IS the light.

The secret of a successful new you in an exciting new year is not digging deep within yourself for something you will never find, it rests in the promise that we just celebrated at Christmas. Jesus sought you out and brought His light to you.  And just as He revealed Himself and his plan to the nation of Israel, He includes you in His spectacular plan to deliver to you the light of forgiveness and hope through the selfless sacrifice of our Savior, Jesus. 

Prayer: Dear Savior, thank you for pursuing me when I lose my way. May your forgiveness and love shine brightly through the darkness of life’s struggles and circumstances. May this New Year provide opportunities for me to reflect your light to those you have placed in my life.  In the name of Jesus, Amen.

Arise and shine; your light HAS come.  Happy New Year!